The best way to organize your keys and car fob.

Why Choose Us?

Our Key Minders have been tested and refined to provide the greatest value you can find anywhere when it comes to a key organizer. Our Key Minders are hand made on farm land in Wisconsin where we know how to make your money go further. Our key organizers are made of either wood or acrylic and we can promise you that our key organizers are as good or better than those costing much more. Each unit can comfortably hold up to 20+ keys in a compact design that will make you wish you got one sooner.

"This is the best key organizer I have ever used. I went from several keys on rings to this and it has proven to be the best way to keep tabs on my keys. It is also a slim design that is quiet and very functional. I was able to customize it as well. Highly recommended!

August Deerfield

New Customer